3 July 2015

Slow Down!

The city put up one of those roadside electronic speed reading/posting devices this year outside a schoolyard. One of those ones that light up and tell you, "Slow down fuckhead!" if you go a little fast.  Every school will have one soon. If there is one thing governments like more than signs it is electronic signs.

You would think the city would turn the fucking thing off now school is out. Not a fucking chance.

Device is located across the street from a party house. One of those houses you find all across our big fat fuck of a country occupied by young people who think landscaping means throwing all their empty beer cans on the front lawn every weekend and most weekdays.

When I drove by last night there were several young men racing by the sign naked except for a beer in their hand to see who could post the fastest speed so far as I could tell. Young people hate seeing technology wasted.


RossK said...

We have one of those houses up the street.

It's good for keeping up with the new music the kids are listening to these days.

And the landscaping is as you say, with the addition of a gazillion of those giant plastic cold drink Starbucks cups that cost about the same as one of Big Rich's subsidized six packs when full.


Getting back to the technology aspect of the lives of today's big city party house-livin' whippersnappers...Somebody sure as heckfire must be paying to load up those smart phonified chip thingies.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

We have such a house in my neighbourhood too. My life has been so full of noise and Anarchy I don't take much notice of them. A little free spirit is good for a neighbourhood if you ask me. Some of the other neighbours are unamused by them. The pharmacy appreciates their ever increasing business.