12 July 2015

Six Pack Alice

I have been wondering
Where you have been
Without me

See everything
In those blue eyes


Do I see

Standing there
A care

- Six Pack Alice
69 Mile House Cowgirl Poet

Was away in 69 Mile House last weekend. Been too hot to write about it until now. When it gets fucking hot I do little besides drink beer. When I drink a lot I can still type a little. When I drink more than a lot I type about as good as the Canucks play hockey.

No fires in The House yet. Even though it has been hot as most places around here they have had lots of big as Jesus before the Enlightenment thunder storms. Green as David Suzuki's dreams up there it is.

Highlight of the weekend was the cowboy poets meeting on Saturday night. Just about the whole town showed at the firetrap they call their community hall. There were eight or nine poets I guess. All men except for Six Gun Alice. She out drank everybody in the hall, including me, so I got to calling her Six Pack Alice. She did not seem to mind. Suppose I was not the first motherfucker to call her that.

"So where you from anyway Mr. Beer?" she asked me.

"Steepleton?" she asked back when I told her. "I thought only religious bum fucks came from Steepleton."

"You got it part right," I said setting her straight. "We're all bum fucks but we are not all religious."


RossK said...

Was she ten feet tall as well?

Alice I mean.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Three metres and not inch more.

JustFrankie said...

Beer, help me out here. Tried finding Steepleton on the Google Maps to have a look around. No such place. Even Google calls you all bumfucks

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Steepleton you will not find via the common Google method. To find my town you will need to use navigational instruments commonly in use during the flat Earth era.