17 July 2015

A Gem From Early '67

Bought Neil Young's new record tonight. Look forward with great anticipation to everything he records. Be listening to it on the way home from the sawmill on Friday. Me, Neil Young and six fucking cold ones. Traffic will be fucked enough for me to get the beer down and be wishing I had a couple more unless Dope City takes the ICBM hit its Starbucks worshiping coffee drones so richly deserve.

Tonight I instead listened to Little Richard's Greatest Hits: Recorded Live! on my Luxman cassette deck. From 1967. That was a while ago. Had me smiling like Richard Thompson will have Dope City's fucking hippies smiling on Friday Night. More hooting and hollering you will not hear any place these days aside from the rail of a well attended day at the races.

And what a band - Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Glenn Willings, Eddie Fletcher, Billy Preston and an unknown kick ass drummer. God damn it they could play!

Little Richard Forever. Forever Little Richard. Long live rock 'n' roll, motherfuckers. Long live rock 'n' roll!


Your driver said...

When I was a kid, about 1967, Little Richard's career had been on hold for Jesus. He was a rumor. I'd heard he was good but they didn't play him on the radio and that was the only place to hear music. One day I went down to woolworth's and checked the bargain record bin. I found a cut out copy of "Little Richard Live at the Club Okeh" on Okeh records. I think I paid 69 cents for it. It was great. One of the truly great record store finds. Man, do I wish I still had that record.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I too found my first Little Richard records in the delete bins. The original rockers have absorbed their share of disrespect from the record buying public. Glad to have those old records myself because I have been listening to a lot of '50s rock in the last year or so. Cannot find that shit on the radio now either.

That's the record I've been listening to. In the finest of form he is. He did live a varied life. Nothing wrong with that. Just so long as you make your way back to the bandstand rocking like he does on this record. Rocking like the Devil Himself.