11 June 2015

What's Wrong With Your Dog?

The Hammer has been getting lots of loving from people we do not know since she got sick. It is pretty easy to tell she is not right so people ask, "What's wrong with your dog?"

When I tell them they all go, "Aaaahhh." Then the Hammer rolls over and demands a good belly rub.

I have her on the medical marijuana and another drug the vet prescribed. The combination is doing all we can ask for: making her a little more comfortable and making it easier for both of us to enjoy what we hope will be many more last walks together.


Anonymous said...

After 17 years, having rescued Smokey from a dank alley in the Middle East as essentially a desert dog/Saluki undomesticated animal and traveling him all over the world I had to bid him goodbye. It is heartwrenching at best.

My memories of him sleeping on my bed in Hilton Hotels; having to change feet to finish peeing at the Dubai airport after a 27-hour transit and his chin on my knee whenever I sat down still keep me stroking his soft furry head and scratching his belly.

They can be gone but there is no way they can EVER be forgotten.

RossK said...

Here's to many, many, many more walks with her Beer.

Good on you for taking such good care of her.


Anon-Above...Say what, re: Relief in the Dubai Airport?


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I am hoping the Hammer hangs in there long enough to see our old dog of a country get itself a Prime Minister Tom.