12 May 2015

Two of My Neighbours and Their Dog

There's children in my neighbourhood. Fuckloads. Seen a generation's worth of them grow up and join me in the bar after work or when we are thirsty on the weekend. Some of them have their own children. There is not that much to do here in Steepleton so mostly we drink, fuck and have a lot of children.

Two of them stopped to visit with the Hammer and I today. They were walking their dog too. Nine or ten I suppose.

"Sure got a big dog mister," the boy said. He was younger than his sister but he did all the talking.

"So's your's," I told him.

"Not like that," he said as he petted my grateful for attention dog. The Hammer is easily the biggest dog in the neighbourhood. There's bigger dogs than Newfs but not many.

"We'll be seeing you I guess then," the boy said as the pair made their way home towards dinner and whatever else it is children do these days. When I was their age I had already been drinking about a year.

Good to see them out with their dog. They are being parented well it seemed to me.

The Hammer and I continued our walk too. In the nearby forest birds sang and the homeless did not make a sound as we made our way along the cottonwood fluff cushioned salmon berry lined path. We were enjoying the best part of our day. When I get home from the motherfucking sawmill.

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