5 May 2015

Alberta Bound To Embrace NDP

So here is the deal: on the ground, in poll after poll in and around Eddy the undecideds have slowly been shrinking in number and in the main decided they want change more than anything else and decided to vote NDP. Looks like the NDP sweeps Eddy. The polling numbers you may have heard or read about have been confirmed again and again on the front porch and in the bars.

Therefore I have to assume the polling numbers are being supported by what the NDP are finding in the field in the rest of the province where it looks like a great many more seats will elect brand new MLAs wearing both Wild Rose and NDP colours.

Older voters are the ones sticking with their party. They are not all that numerous but they sure as fuck will turn up at the polls.

Middle aged and young voters are turning to the NDP. That is the orange wave capped by a foam of older voters who have fucking had it with the Tories as well. They all seem highly motivated to take down the government like a sealer takes down a seal.

Want a prediction? Why not. Between 45 and 50 seat majority for the NDP. Somewhere around 10 for the Tories. The remainder to the Wild. If anything I think the number for the NDP is a conservative estimate - could be closer to 60 seats in the end.

This has been an election like few others. A little anger goes a long way, doesn't it Conservative motherfuckers?


karen said...

Hey, good job over there!

motorcycleguy said...

When I grow up I want to be just like you...commendations on changing the world...starting to look like Alberta owes you...and, since Alberta is part of Canada...Canada owes you

G West said...

You're obviously a prophet - well done my friend

Chuckstraight said...

How was the party Motherfucker?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Fucking epic. I just got back into town - give me a bit to adapt to living again in a province run by a bunch of stumblebums and I will provide an eyewitness account of what little I remember of a night to remember.