4 March 2015

Log Exports - One More Time

As usual I am pissed off about all the logs getting shipped out of my province unprocessed. Unprocessed is a big word meaning untouched by sawmill workers like me.

More unprocessed logs getting shipped out cheaper than ever before. Seems to me some assholes somewhere declared a jihad on sawmill workers. No logs for us sawmill workers is like depriving a farmer of the sun, rain and fertilizer.

Too bad for us sawmill workers we do not have fighter jets and bombers to fight the holy war on sawmill workers motherfuckers. All we have is our votes and our voice. I would like our chances better if we had a fucking Air Force.

Until we get one us sawmill workers had better do what we can to stop the holy war before we are all gone. The jihadists we ought to be keeping tabs on does not wield a holy book, wear a turban or carry a black flag. It wears a suit, drives a nice car, does a lot of cocaine and just like the jihadists of Syria we are all too familiar with it carries a bag of fucking heads, heads with hard hats, to show off to its growing, sickening brotherhood.


Danneau said...

Every time I go down to the harbour with my grandkids for whatever reason, we all get a good look at largish ocean-going vessels with bunks piled high with the logs stripped out of the hills and denuded watersheds of the Alberni Valley, on their way to other places to leave as little of the benefit as possible in the pockets of forest workers, mill workers, local business and the people who would be supported by secondary jobs were those logs to stay here. There are lots of tales of collusion circulating about how timber bosses get together under cover to ensure that booms don't get bids from mills so that they can then be exported. The whole issue is utterly corrupt and the sheeple don't get it, so it just continues on. Honest work is degraded and scorned rather than rewarded and the idea that we might benefit from shared resources is seen as anathema. Keep after 'em, Beer.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

There is an inscription on the flag carried by the corrupt scum who send our logs and our jobs overseas. It reads "Anti-Canadian-Worker." They hate sawmill workers like me who seek only a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. They hate Canada and everything (it once) stands for.

Nobody in Canada needs to look overseas if they are looking for an enemy to fight. They are right here and they are not hard to find and they do more damage to our country and my class in a day than all the rest of our enemies put together do in a hundred years.