3 February 2015

Vote Harper! Jobs For All! Heaven Can Wait!

Hope you like your taxes paying for the first months of that motherfucker Harper's election campaign because there is going to be a lot of your money being spent without your consent doing just that. Like the Conservatives do not have more than enough money already donated to them by their rich fucking pig supporters who do not give a fuck about working people or their families in the past, now or ever.

I was going to describe the Conservative's rich fucking pig backers as ignorant rich fucking pigs but I thought I would take it easy on them. I must still be in a good mood from collecting my Super Bowl bets.

One of the adverts the Conservatives are running with your fucking money promises 1,000,000 jobs. Remind you of the campaign the people of British Columbia fell for just about two years ago? Same bullshit, different (even bigger) pile.

It is pretty easy to see how the Muslim loons convince people they are going to get fucked by dozens of virgins in Heaven after they have detonated the explosives packed to their body, isn't it?

People will believe all sorts of unbelievable bullshit until they start thinking for themselves and I do not see that happening any time soon. Not with everybody staring at their smartphone and not even stopping to peek at their hopes and dreams exploding all around them.

1,000,000 jobs my ass.

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