17 February 2015

Stay Free

In case you have not noticed I am in favour of free speech. My breath would not fog up a mirror on a cold day without the ability and willingness to say whatever the fuck I want.

Their willingness to fight for free speech decades ago, when that rudimentary right was under attack, is why I will always have a soft spot for the Wobblies. Without free speech we are not humans - all we are is eaters, shitters and fuckers when we cannot say what we mean. Not that I have anything against eating, shitting and fucking! All that eating, shitting and fucking is kind of meaningless without change in the world (and do we need change!) and there is no change without free speech.



All forms of religion make me vomit. Such free speech as that apparently makes me a target of some kind for some of the bigger religious assholes out there to aim at.

Some of those bigger religious assholes are willing to die shutting free speech motherfuckers like me up. I am willing to die or be imprisoned defending my right to poke a stick in their eye. Been like that since I could think for myself around about the age of ten.

Unlike the free speech defenders in that cafe in the fine city of Copenhagen I am not willing to leave my defense up to the state and their knuckle dragging police - who clearly are not up to the task. I will defend myself. I suggest you similarly prepare yourself if you want to stay free and alive.

Fuck the police.

Stay free.

We are the last gang in town worth fighting for.

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