19 December 2014

What I Found At the Very Back of the Mall Parking Lot This Christmas

Mall was busy as fuck again. Had drive to the very back of the parking lot, about a half mile from the mall itself, to find a place to leave my car. Downside of the Canadian dollar being back to its lowly self is more of my countrymen staying home to do their Christmas shopping. People like me who do their shopping in THEIR OWN FUCKING COUNTRY ALL THE FUCKING TIME ought to get some kind of loyalty discount.


Anyhow, when I get to the back of the mall parking lot there is a pig sitting there in his ghost car. It was pretty easy to see what he was doing. A sawmill worker can spot somebody fucking the dog a mile away.

I looked at the pig. The pig looked at me. I waited for him to fuck off before I got out of my car. Fucking pigs are shooting people all over the world for all kinds of bullshit reasons. Why give the motherfucker the option? They hardly ever shoot people sitting in their car waiting for them to fuck off. Crafty they are. Nobody knows more about how to get away with murder than the fucking police. He was probably pissed off at everybody doing their shopping in their own country. Now he had to find himself a new place to fuck the dog. Back to the empty parking lot out back of the empty 7,000 seat hockey arena I suppose.

We have far too many fucking cops in this country. Far too many cops doing far too much sweet nothing at all.

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