25 December 2014

Handsome Dick Christmas.

On Christmas morning I awake before Sonja. The day I do not it will be too late to call 911. The dog is happy to see me but she does not move from the warm spot she has created; just wags her tail and looks at me with her I have been a good dog all year Christmas morning eyes.

Put some tea on. Prince of Peace organic tea. Some Christian loons down in California import it from China. Lovely drink it is. I suggest you search for it if you are the tea drinking kind. Not the strong English tea I generally prefer. It is a subtler refreshing brew.

After a couple cups I shall take the dog out into the cold and, shortly thereafter, Sonja will awake and Christmas will have officially begun. I will brew more tea and look forward to seeing both my family and Sonja's. The Hockeys and Sonja's family do not fuck around.

As Handsome Dick Manitoba still sings this time of year, "The motherfucking Christmas party starts now!"


RossK said...

It's cold, it's clear and my kids won't get out of bed....

I, too, will now venture out into the world with my dog.

Long live Mr. Manitoba!


karen said...

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones Beer!

JustFrankie said...

Wife made me watch this Barmegeddon show on xmas eve. Can't find the whole show but here's a clip featuring Handosme Dick

Cheers Beer