11 November 2014


Remembrance Day seems appropriate when it comes to the World Wars. They were the Stanley Cups of war after all. Smashed the Huns' clocks we did.

Remembrance Day seems a little less appropriate when it comes to the Korean War. Not inappropriate: less. Chinese gave us a good bollocking that time around.

Remembrance Day is not associated, so far as I have noticed, with the good old boy bombing we laid on Serbia.

Remembrance Day seems totally inappropriate when it comes to this century's Afghan War. I do not for one minute buy any of the bullshit we have been fed about how right it was for Canada to join that pointless clusterfuck.

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Ray Blessin said...

"Lest We Forget" . . . .
. . . .our brave CF18 pilots blowing the shit out of the people of Iraq with missiles and bullets as we speak.