1 June 2014

Sex and Violence In the Cariboo

Lot of people die on the May Long. Get fucking loaded and die. The English do it every weekend there is a football match being played somewhere. Canadians do not need a sports spectacle to get fucking loaded and die. Long weekends you can find us lined up and bleeding on hospital floors all over the country. The week following we cry like pitchforked babies about how long it took to get us or our friends fixed up but it is all empty bullshit because fucking near all of us go ahead and vote for some asshole that would just as soon burn down a hospital with all the nurses, doctors and every other available communist inside than get our medical system back on track.


Dropped Sonja at home once the weekend was done. Got cleaned up. Re-supplied. Headed back to the mountains with the Hammer.

Stayed a few nights at my old friend Paul's place up 69 Mile House way to begin with. Fished the lake during the day. Drinking in the pub at night. It was like being retired.

Paul retired early with a small pension. "I'm doing alright," he told me, not that he had to. Got a new 4x4 and an updated solar power system since I saw him in the fall. "But if the fucking government ever legalizes it I'm fucked."

No fucking wonder the asswipe Conservatives get so many fucking votes in British Columbia.

The Hammer likes my friend's place even more than I do. No fucking fences. No fucking people. No fucking bullshit.

On the weekend half a dozen of us went camping for a week in the high country. Fishing was good when the sun shone and the moon was right. Snowed on us three times in the night, once heavily. If you have had this happen to you when you are tenting you know how much fucking fun that was.

Read Nick Tosches' "The Devil and Me" each morning I was away with my Cariboo coffee. If you like sex and violence as much as I do you will want to read this book. It is a motherfucking masterpiece.

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