14 June 2014

One Second Shitter Fix

The shitter has been half plugged for a spell. Still flushing but not with its usual vigour. Kept expecting one of my big Canadian beer shits to rectify the plumbing but instead of getting better at its job it got progressively worse despite my manly efforts to clear it both with my beer shit and the trusty plunger.

At last the shitter became fully plugged.

Fuck. I had never had a toilet not respond to my forceful clearing attempts. I felt like John Tortorella must feel right now.

Seemed like a job for the one second plumbing contraption I had seen advertised on television sometime in the distant past.

$25 and two short bursts of the one second plumber and all was well.

Go fucking buy one.


Danneau said...

Gee, maybe we should send several hundred of these to Ottawa.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Our much beloved Parliamentarians would then have cause plunge into some meaningful debate for a change.