23 June 2014

Distracted By Sports on the Eve of Destruction

Been sort of distracted of late. First it was the Stanley Cup play-offs. Best play-off hockey since the NHL expanded while my beer drinking years were all still ahead of me. i.e. When Canadians dominated hockey even more than they do now.

Next was the World Cup, which still has a few weeks of life left in it. For the first time in my life the object of my international football affections has failed to reach the play-off rounds of the competition. Just such early dismissals are likely to continue as, despite Sir Trevor Brooking's best efforts and the efforts of English football generally, first rate talent and hunger for the game has reached an time low in that sodden nation driven long ago into the deepest of shitholes by Old Maggie now consumed with dodging the shit that continues to rain down on them.

Here at home Capital is busy bombing shit into the shithole they are trying to drive everyone without an investment banker, a nanny and private school complete with Lamborghinis for their children into. Their God, in case you have not noticed, is Petrol D'Allah. God, by definition to these greed obsessed motherfuckers, being whoever has the most money on Earth.

Fuck them.

Like all summers I will being seeking to put some distance between myself and the 1% parasites and their sycophants deep in the wilderness of Canada. Surely, they have been given enough rope. I await their corpses dangling their dance of death in the warm summer sun.

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