23 February 2014

Television Who

Never did see the fucking Who much as I liked them back in my crocodile rocking days. Got all their records. "By Numbers" has always been my favourite. Same record has my favourite song of their's on it: "Squeeze Box." Some seriously rocking shit that is.

Seeing as last night I had had enough of the Olympics for one day (just about half the sawmill phoned in sick to watch Canada grind America's hockey medal hopes into coke like powder) I put up the $5.99 my cable provider charges to watch a 1975 presentation of the fucking Who live in Texas.

After a couple of tossed off early hits of their's and a horrendous stab at "Squeeze Box" the boys hit their stride and put on quite a show. Just a flare clad band, some lights and a little over 100 db of good rocking.

Loved it.

Sonja told me about her trip to see them and the Clash at the Kingdome over 30 years ago. "We drank those big oil cans of Fosters we bought just as soon as we cleared customs all the way to Seattle. We could not have been more fucked up by show time. It was like camping. Best rock shows ever for me. It was like the Clash's last show ever and the Who were teaching DOA how to retire but only retire for maybe 5 seconds before booking your next tour. Too bad America has turned into such a motherfucking disco cesspool. That country used to rock like fucking England."

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