10 February 2014

Labor Day

Movie night last night. We have started going out more often to have such nights. Guess the digital loan of a movie from our cable provider is a poor replacement for the videos we used to rent from video stores even though such digital loans are cheaper, require no standing in line behind smelly people to purchase or gas for the car to transport it home and back to the store again.

Before the movie we had dinner at Famoso's for the first time. Had a vegan Neapolitan pizza and many tap Peronis. Busy little joint. Attentive service, great pizza, great beer. Will not be long before we are back there.

Saw "Labor Day." Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet. Sonja looks forward to every Josh Brolin movie. One Hollywood starlet is pretty much the same to me since Goldie Hawn stopped making movies.

It is about a prisoner who escapes and lovingly bangs a single mom while he hides out from the authourities. No close ups of the banging however. It is just a good old Hollywood feature about a good/bad man banging a woman who needs a good/bad man in her life.

Sonja liked it. I thought it dull.

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