24 December 2013

People From Seattle in Mexico

Met some people from Seattle in Mexico. They were alright I guess.

After they told me and the Canadians I was getting shitfaced with where they were from one of them asked, "What part of Canada are you from?"

"How'd you know we were from Canada?" Sonja asked the Seattle people.

"Eh?" asked the Seattle people in unison followed by much belly laughing. Motherfucking "eh" gives us away every fucking time.

"We're from Dope City," our fine American friends were told.

"Oh," said one of the hilarious Seattle people. "You Dopers are just like us."

Compared to people from fucking Saskatchewan I suppose they had a point. Not a point we were about to concede right then, or any time in the next billion years, but a point nevertheless.

"You calling us assholes?" I asked.

Two of the Seattle people spit beer across the bar aghast. Americans do not like to think of themselves as assholes which, of course, they are.

Big ones.

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