14 November 2013

Is the Next Attack of America In the Offing?

Same as everybody else who was paying attention a little over a decade ago, I knew Osama Bin Laden and his loon buddies were about to attack America the Beautiful. It was their actions in Africa that sounded the alarm. That and the loons who had already tried, in a more traditional manner, to bomb the World Trade Center. Did not know what was going to happen but I knew it was going to be big. Did not think it was going to be that big.

Recently a shopping mall was attacked in Africa. Pretty fucking dramatic, wasn't it? My feeling, and it is just a feeling, is another sizable attack on the Biggest Fucking Snoops in history is in the offing. An attack much more sizable than what occurred earlier this year in Boston. If the attack on a shopping mall was a bit of foreshadowing, something the loons are fond of, the attack may well be coming soon.

To a shopping mall? Who fucking knows.



Ray Blessin said...

I think that was what was in W's head while he sat in that Florida classroom: "I knew it was going to be big. Did not think it was going to be that big."

The 9/11 WTC attack was the best fucking thing ever for the Bush/Cheney gang. They could have done it to themselves but they didn't have to.

Ray Blessin

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It is assholes like George W. Bush that make assholes like Rob Ford possible, indeed, inevitable.

Rick said...

Man you gotta get off the koolaid if you still think Osama had anything to do with 911

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I drink a lot of shit but I do not drink kool-aid. And as I have said before, anybody who believes powerful provocateurs attacked America back on 9-1-1 had better be a revolutionary because if such an accusation is well founded revolutionary action would be the only honourable way to counter such evil bullshit. That is how a serious such a charge is.