19 November 2013

BCNDP Convention Report

Attended my first convention of my fucking near hopeless province's NDP on the weekend. It is good to have a big catalog of faces to draw on when I think broadly about my province's and country's socialist democratic alternative to the right wing scum bags that all too often get elected to fuck us around day after day.

What I learned, most importantly, is that the delegates to the convention really do care about the province, its hard working people, the environment and the economy. All we have to do is change the perception a few too many people have of us as a political party that does not know what the fuck it is doing to that of a political party that does know what the fuck it is doing and contrast that new perception with what people already know, even if they were not quite ready to admit it last spring: the Liberals are swine.

Guess the most important thing the party decided to do was develop a plan for the economy and the jobs we all need in it that people can believe in. What I call Socialism 101, motherfuckers. Second most important thing was electing a new president of the party, Craig Keating. I supported his competitor but judging by his performance in the post convention Provincial Council meeting I sat in on I would have to say the party chose well. Man has a sense of humour, a huge asset in these dark days.


Anonymous said...

I'm tired of wasting my vote on these dumb ass motherfuckers. My NDP MLA writes in the local rag about the letters she writes on our behalf, so we're gonnna pay her four years of that?

I love unions but the NDP has their head too far up the ass of same, time for a big time overhaul.

The election result is the proof they did not deserve to govern (same with the pretend liberal party, but at least they got off their asses and got the vote out).

Still pissed off!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

If your NDP MLA is NFG consider organizing up yourself a better one.

I took the time to speak with a good many delegates to the convention. I could not find any who had their heads up anybody's ass. What I found were people very much like my neighbours interested in nothing more than replacing the rule of the Privleged Few with something much more democratic.

I saw a parade of old conservative fuckers parading to the polls on election day that was not countered by any group that would have preferred to kick out the Liberals. Half of the conservative parade will be dead in 2017. We will see what happens then.