9 September 2013

Canadian Retarded Music Awards

Sonja and I like gawking at a good car wreck as much as the next gorehound motherfuckers I guess. Is that a good enough excuse for the two of us to sit in front of our big as kd lang's pussy television with a bottle of tequila after we returned from a successful afternoon cheering on the winner of the 68th British Columbia Derby? Not a good enough excuse? Let me try again. We both must be fucking Albertarded.


Anonymous said...

Good one. What's with the fucktards wearing the big motherfucking hats indoors, are they just being prepared for an accidental release of the sprinkler system, or are they afraid of birds shitting on them. And I understand the huge belt buckles are nothing more than tomb stones for dead dicks.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Why I don't get is their singing voices. They must have voice coaches who poke them with cattle prods when they do not sound stupid enough.