19 August 2013

Backyard Dance

Let the dog out last night for her bedtime piss. She bolted into the darkness after some fucking thing. I ought to turn on the light before I let her out at night.

Turned on the light to see what was up. There eyeballing each other on the lawn were my dog and a cat. About two feet apart. Circling like a matador and a worn out bull. Thankfully my dog knows all about cats. She would like to eat them but their kung fu kitty claws make them a risky meal.

Slowly the cat made its way by me and over the fence where it could wait for my neighbour's dog to be let out for its bedtime piss.

Motherfucking cats.


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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

You fucking Italians may not play football very well but you can blog like you make wine.