6 July 2013

Thank You Mr. Snowden

Is the future going to be a nightmare?
Everywhere you go they're always there
Watching, listening to every word
The past was an omen, now the future's a curse

UK Subs - Brand New Age

Hope none of you motherfuckers were taken off guard by Edward Snowden's honourable wish to make sure we all are aware of just how fucking snoopy the governments of the world are. Private individuals are nothing but dog shit on their size 15 boot. In a world falling apart as fast as ours the people, more than ever, are the enemy and must be watched, listened to and destroyed as necessary.

My old punk rock community issued our tuneful warnings about the coming Brand New Age. I am not sure even we and our sad misgivings for what the world was fast becoming were prepared for a world where people care more about their next pair of designer jeans than their governments fucking them over like a ground soldier raping and pillaging a people his people have hated for centuries.

The future is no curse, my friends, it is a drone flying over your head in the sand. But do not worry, you will be looking good in your designer jeans when a distant commander presses the launch button and watches you die.

Canada would be offering Snowden asylum if we truly were true, north, strong and free, which we are not.

Oh! Oh! Canada
Our home and much spied on land
True patriot love
In all thy spies command

With glowing hard drives
We see thee rise,
Eat, work, and communicate

From far and wide
Oh! Oh! Canada
We love to snoop on thee

God keep our land
Inglorious and snoopy

Oh! Oh! Canada
We have become Nazis


karen said...

I keep saying this shit. And everyone around me has their fucking fingers in their ears, "lalala can't HEAR you!" They are shouting.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Life has become an episode of "Fatherland Knows Best."