20 July 2013

Change For the Better

Things have changed for me since the last provincial election. Learnt too much about my city for their own good you might say. Used to be I tried to spend as much of my union dollar in town as I could. Thought I was being neighbourly and all that.

Motherfuck the neighbours.

Now I am going to spend as little of my union dollar in this redneck cocksucker of a town as possible. Might just start spending my money in America too.

Motherfuck Canada you redneck cocksucker of a country I once loved like my dog.

And motherfuck Victoria too.



motorcycleguy said...

This from a couple of weeks ago, and if I may add....having the Chambers of Commerce actively promote re-election of the present treasonous f*&#ers (not sure if swearing is allowed here)....all the while actively promoting the Foreign Temporary Worker Progam....I am already with you Beer and ordering stuff online or from another country.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

All the motherfucking Queen's English is permitted here.

Danneau said...

Problem is all the on-line guys, by and large, as well as the Warshingtonians on the other side of the line, fall into the same category as the Harperites and Clarkians here in deepest Canuckistan. That is to say, the CoC types everywhere, not the folks in bars in little pissant towns on either side of the border: we can't shop our way to probity and mutual assistance.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

You are right of course but I am still not going to buy my next car from one of my neighbourhood car dealers. They can fuck off.

Your driver said...

I think America is going to burst into flames any minute now. I'm predicting semi legal government death squads in five years of less. Find someplace else to shop Beer.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

We have no need for death squads in Canada: we have hockey.