23 June 2013

From Fresh Water

Slept late this morning, Sonja having let the dog out into the birdsong morn. Makes a man feel strong, a good sleep does. Put on some coffee, put Stan Roger's "From Fresh Water" on the record player.

Stan was dead before I came to his music. I was fucking near dead myself long before I added one of his records to my growing collection. Still do not have all his records quite yet, as I should, even when relying on happenstance, as I do, to fill my collection's many holes.

This one I found up Desert Park way in a little shop. Except for a couple thumb smudges, now cleaned, it is perfect in every way.

There is a quote of Stan's on the cover which has moved many a man. "I kinda like the way Heinlein put it - 'When sampling life, take big bites, moderation is for monks'. - sounds more than reasonable to me!"

Stan Rogers died a little more than 30 years ago - June 2, 1983. Heard no mention of the anniversary of his death. Good thing I found his last record to play.


Anonymous said...

I didn't see or hear anything at the time but I went looking after reading your post and found this http://music.cbc.ca/#/blogs/2013/5/Rise-Again-Songwriters-reflect-on-Stan-Rogers-30-years-after-his-death

Thanks for reminding me of a great artist.

karen said...

Funny, I read this post when it came up in my feed and I zoned the name completely. "oh yeah, " I thought, "I'll have to look that up."
Then I come back here with a little time to search for music, and just have to read his name and I can hear his voice.

I love Stan Rogers.