22 March 2013

Dope City Free Press Political Desk

"Old Man Blues," which must be at least my 100th thirteen line poem, got chalked up by my good friends at Google as the Dope City Free Press' 2000th issue.

2000 times I have said to myself, "You can't publish that shit!" before going ahead and doing so anyway. You get what you pay for, motherfuckers.

Sometimes I am tired and sometimes I am too fucked up to do so but there is always something to write about. During the coming months, besides the usual my dog and I against the creepy as shit world stories, there will be more stories on horse racing; more in depth coverage of the Canucks swirling down the drain; more tales from between the oil pipelines that crisscross the Canadian wilderness.

There is going to be something quite new too. Coverage of the upcoming much anticipated British Columbia general election. Taking advantage of my geographically central headquarters, I am volunteering on seven campaigns for three political parties and one independent. One of the motherfuckers is bound to win.

It is as close to a seat on a campaign bus as I will ever get.

For the only political coverage you can fucking trust - stay tuned to the Dope City Free Press - and keep some beers handy - you are going to need them.


Bill said...

Sheesh volunteering on 7 campaigns, never mind the bus -you and the Hammer should have your own limo and driver. I think at least as a volunteer there will be some politicians that will have a harder time throwing you "under the bus".

Look forward to the Hammer's and your ramblings/walks and analysis.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I'm going to have fucking pizza coming out of my ears by the end of the first week of the campaign. And just like the mainstream media reports you will soon be hearing and seeing, the candidate's campaigns that serve me the most beer will get the best reportage.

Danneau said...

I'm in for the ride, but only in spirit (s).