14 February 2013

Government Speed

Government rarely ever gets anything right and when they do get something right it is just as rare for what action they have taken to be timely. Government is a big, hungry motherfucking sloth. Just the same, when a government does something right it is only fair that a free press, such as this dope effort, note, if not celebrate, the occasion.

Recently, my local government began a programme encouraging my neighbours and I to throw out our food waste in a separate container so it can be sent to a company that is going to make dirt out of it thereby halving the amount of shit we truck up to Trash Creek.

We should have had just such a programme centuries ago. That is how slow government is. Comparing government to a sloth is a disservice to sloths. I wonder how many more centuries it will take before I set out my dog's shit to be turned into energy or something.

Fuck the pipelines. What we need is a poop line.

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