3 January 2013

TV Party

Like a lot of people, from what I hear, Sonja and I stayed home New Year's Eve. Did not play bridge that night like my grandparents used to do but we might as well have. Had a little wine, watched a movie, flicked station to station between the various televised parties.

Eastwood's "Trouble With the Curve" was the movie. I would be a lying asshole if I compared myself to the Eastwood we all fell in love with when he was a young man and I was even younger. Now Eastwood is old I have to say I am comparing favourably to everybody's favourite Republican. Every old man fuck up Eastwood pulls off in this movie I have already done and he is like thirty years older than me or something.

Sonja was looking at the screen then looking at me all through this, same way she did when we watched "Gran Torino" a couple years ago. When it was over she said, "I always hated every fucking one of those old cowboy movies my dad and brothers watched when I wanted to watch a Shirley Temple movie. How the fuck did I end up shacked up with an old cowboy asshole like Clint Eastwood?"

Watching the New Year's entertainment on offer in both Canada and the United States reminded me just how motherfucking shitsucking the music business has gotten. I would like to think we deserve a lot better but we probably do not.

Hedley, Nelly Furtado and the Dragonettes were on one Canadian station. Hedley are my homeboys, the fucking pukes; if Nelly Furtado tried singing "Me and Bobby McGee" everybody who does not know so already would then know to bet on any wet paperbag remaining intact she was trying to sing herself out of; the Dragonettes sound like the Bay City Rollers if the Bay City Rollers had a retarded synthesiser player in the band.

Everybody on a stage in America was singing disco. It sucked like shit.

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