30 January 2013


I have been walking my dog, the Hammer, since before the Dope City Free Press was a glint in my eye. On none of our usual walks have we come across a stray, a dog, a big dog, without its master until this past weekend. Do not know where the dog came from. When I turned around she was just there wagging her tail and ready to join us.

Once the preliminary introductions were done with two dogs bounded along with one another and had a grand old time as dogs do. The stray came to me a few times to let me know how much she liked her new friend as she did repeatedly to the Hammer as we made our along the path.

Did the Hammer in, all that bounding around did. The stray, several years younger than her, had the energy we all wish was at our command no matter our age. I was a little concerned because my dog appeared terribly stiff after our walk was done, even after she had rested at home for several hours.

Next day she had bounced back to her usual self though much as I do every day I am more active than I have a right to be. It is not how you feel after you have played a whole game of hockey rather than watched from the stands. It is the bouncing back from the exertion is all that matters.

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