11 January 2013

How Come No One Nicknames Politicians "Honest" Any More?

Was a little surprised, after having seen the movie with Sonja, to have found all the Oscar buzz about "Lincoln." What the fuck did he ever do?

Thought it was an enjoyable little period drama with some of the worst
supporting performances I have ever seen in my life. Tommy Lee Jones is absolutely dreadful for one.

Daniel Day Lewis did a pretty good job I guess. But really, put a smokestack hat on just about anybody and they look Abe Lincoln. Presidents are all such ghastly people and I do not think his Presidential ghastliness was brought to the fore the way it ought to have been.

Have not seen a good film since "No Country For Old Men." Tommy Lee Jones was rocking in that one.

All the same I recommend you go see it "Lincoln." Good adult film also suitible for children if they do not mind seeing a little real fucking war - something that is not permitted on our television screens except when our out of reach jet fighters and their distant naval support are blowing the motherfucking guts out some country without the wit to tell their Koran is a load of dangerous backwards bullshit that will get them bombed for generations to come unless they wisen up and start hanging out in stripper clubs drinking with me instead of wasting their time bowing and praying to a God that does not exist.

Go fucking see it.


Bill said...

Well you sure always tell it the way you see it. Great review(s), thanks.

Me, I will be retreating back to Middle-Earth, a more honest fantasyland than we are experiencing here in BC. The parallels of evil in the lands with a dark and power mad Overlord and corrupt Goblin King etc. kinda resonate.

Anyway the landscapes are spectacular in both.

RossK said...


And then go listen to this.

(I'll be hunting down the book this weekend)

Nazz Nomad said...

no thanks, I know how it ends.