13 January 2013

Here Comes Success

I was in a coffee shop on Saturday morning. Hard to beat a coffee shop on a cold Canadian morning. A mom and pop this one was. Cozy as old wool underwear.

As I undid the buttons on my coat on the way in I noticed a book on an otherwise empty table. Book was titled in big red letters "Habits of Successful People" or some such shit.

Ordered coffee and sat down near the table with the book. I wanted to see what kind of an asshole reads crap like that.

The asshole sat down across from me but he did not pick up his book and read it as I expected him to. Instead he pulled his smart phone from his hip pocket and began reading something on its shiny screen. His lips were moving as he read.

Just a guess but I am thinking whoever wrote the book this fucker was reading forgot to write a chapter about how successful people do not move their lips when they are reading.

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