6 December 2012

Three Legged Dog

The Hammer and I today crossed paths with a man with a cane and his three legged dog. One of the fronts was gone. The two animals hobbled along. My dog did not appear to notice the man and his dog were any different than the two of us.

After they had passed us the three legged dog lay down to rest up some. Fucking near drowned in the middle of the wet path we were on. The man leaned on his cane waiting for his dog to get the fuck up.

Be glad you are a man; be glad you are a woman; be glad you are an hermaphrodite; be glad you are not a three legged dog, motherfuckers.


istvan said...

A lot of 3 leg dogs do just fine. OK?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I hope so. Just about every one of us is a three legged dog.