24 December 2012

51st State Blues

Has not been much of a problem getting around the malls and such again this year. Thanks to the assholes we Canadians elected to poorly govern us in fucking Parliament last time out more of us than ever are doing our Santa shit in another country than our own now. Near the border on Saturday morning around dawn I noticed the line-up to get the fuck out of our country and empty our wallets and purses in Washington was already long enough to make for a half hour wait ahead of the border.

So much for patriotism, that Canadian value we celebrate each July 1st. So much for patriotism, that Canadian value we have been convinced has been on the rise for decades. We might run our patriotism up a flag pole more than ever and worship the red and white as if we are like the nationalist cunts you see from North Korea on our television screens but the line ups to get into America tell us a different story. The line ups tell us the truth.

I told Sonja about the line up when I got home. "We're all such fucking assholes," she replied. I could not have agreed more.

We are the 51st state, motherfuckers. The only things we are missing out on by not officially becoming just that is the indiscriminate shooting sprees and the legal right to celebrate Christmas with an ounce of good weed wrapped in pretty paper under the tree.


a testy troll said...

lemmings Beer....mindless lemmings

they gonna go down there when they need little johnny's broken leg fixed?

nobody thinks big picture anymore

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The big picture is is too ugly for most people to look at for long. Better to brag to whoever will listen about how cheap the deals are on Chinese shit in Bellingham.