20 November 2012

Dangerous Dope City

Under the best of circumstances it is dangerous as fuck to drive around Dope City. When it rains hard and the sun just barely turns night into day it gets dangerous as hate and war in the Middle East. My edge is I drive like an Anarchist. I drive like there are no fucking rules because I know nothing but ethical behaviour keeps us all from becoming hood ornaments too. 

Never saw as many accidents in a single day as I did yesterday. People slumped over steering wheels; people hugging one another on the sidewalk; people detached from the object they cherish more than anything on Earth - their motherfucking car; people waiting for the end of the world.

I have to get out of this place, if it is the last thing I fucking do. 


Anonymous said...

Head for the West kootenay-you might like the vibe.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Oh, I know I like the vibe of the West Kootenay. For that matter I like the vibe of the whole of small town BC.