12 November 2012

Checkerboard Lounge

Never saw the Rolling Stones. Not in person. First time I saw them, or, more accurately, the first time I heard them due to the extremely poor television reception we had then in rural Motherfucking, Alberta, was on my family's black and white television. Do not have all their records but I do have quite a lot of them. "Ruby Tuesday" has long been my favourite song of their's. 

Did see Muddy Waters. Commodore Ballroom. You already know "I'm Ready" is my favourite song of his. I was the only drug fiend punk rocker on the old girl's dancefloor. I was glad I was there, had lots of Muddy's records already, but it was as dull affair as any to attend for somebody already accustomed to Ron Reyes era Black Flag and the Ron Reyes era Black Flag supporters.

So I was real pleased when on Saturday, as I flipped through the records my local London Drugs now stocks, I saw a copy of "Checkerboard Lounge" which documents the Rolling Stone's live 1981 Chicago collaboration with Muddy Waters, his band and a select few of his friends.

It is a double lp which comes with a dvd of the show. Watched the dvd first. Real nice. Put the records on this morning. Even nicer. Couple of the best sounding records in my collection they are. Cost $40. If you buy records or you are thinking you might like to start doing so, go fucking buy it.


motorcycleguy said...

Everybody must have listened to you, none left. Local vinyl shop didn't have it either..because I do everything I'm told..got it on-line. Since I'd be in that section of the album rack, ordered a very early Staple Singers compilation too.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I read about the record back in the summer and gave it the old, "Muddy, Stones, whatever." It is fucking odd you know - a few of the best records I have heard this year I bought at London Drugs. If most of their lp stock was not old hippy shit I'd buy more. The salesman was trying to get me to order the Beatles lp box they have coming out. $350 for the works. Be a Hell of a good day at the track for me to shell out for that.

motorcycleguy said...

Gotta admit I have not been frequenting London Drugs too much recently what with them being on my boycott list of major contributors to the current crop of crooks running this province....pity really...how choked I am with the state of affairs that it even enters a good conversation about music...especially since I remember shopping as a kid at one of their early stores downtown somewhere...might have been on Granville before the mall was there....not sure now.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

My fucking credit union, an enterprise invented by the Anarchist P.J. Proudhon, coughs up money to the hockey stick crooked capitalists as well. Makes me vomit. Going off-grid, as one must to get as far away from the hockey stick crooked as possible, does not cut it for me however. It is only by getting in the corners, in the alleys, and beating the crap out of our cheating opposition, that we will ever win the day. Be nice if London Drugs were organized.

motorcycleguy said...

uh-oh...I'm changing from CIBC (the BC Rail deal)to a credit union...hearing this I hope I picked the best of the lot....good point that going off grid doesn't cut it..if you do that they do not know you are choked....good point...never thought of it that way...back alleys are of considerable cultural heritage value to me...worth standing your ground.