9 November 2012


America, capable still of occasional flashes of brilliance, Tuesday dodged its first fucking Mormon President bullet. Sonja and I watched the returns on CNN. The only wisdom I heard from one of the many talking heads called the evening's result "the backlash against the backlash."

There is a lesson there for people from other countries: once saddled with a democratically elected government, if you oppose them, it might just be better to let them hang at the end of their own rope rather than getting in their way for the sake of getting in their way. In Canada, that may be why we have a Conservative majority. Maybe the opposition should have let the motherfuckers have their way a little more often, even a lot more often, when the Conservatives had minority government status.

Why fuck somebody when you can sit back and watch them fuck themselves?

The opposition, in other words, ought to make their opposition to what they do not like clear but focus instead on highlighting how they would do things differently if given the opportunity. It is not like majority governments give a shit about what its opposition has to say about anything anyhow these days.  


Your driver said...

About that backlash, as Steve Earle said, a few years ago, "This country is long overdue for a left wing backlash and I aim to start the motherfucker right now."

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It has been easy for the world to forget, in this fucked up century of ours, that Americans, a lot of Americans, think the same fucking way as Steve Earle.