16 November 2012


London Calling,
London Calling,
London Calling.
Motherfuck London Calling.

Give me the first
(Initial English pressing)
Clash album
Any fucking time.

Give me the
Second Clash album.
Motherfuck the two albums
After London Calling as well.

This is Dope City Calling, motherfuckers.


motorcycleguy said...

I looked, but nothing...unless you count Combat Rock on CD

Anonymous said...

"Your phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust". Got it. Reviewed it for the Straight a zillion years ago, back in 1977.

Anonymous said...

Or, "no Elvis, Beatles, or the Rolling Stones in 1977." That's what my senile brain was trying to retrieve.

Anonymous said...

London Calling came out in 1979- just saying.

nazz nomad