23 September 2012

Screw the Tolls

Now the mayor of Dope City has joined the inverted commie crowd wanting to toll every bridge instead of just the new multi-billion dollar ones the government has partnered with one fucking corporation or another to build. He has joined his fellow big city mayor in Sliverville as the toll everything we can crowd is clearly organizing itself to suck people into believing in their new way to fuck everybody.

Why are they doing this? Mainly it is because our society has encouraged too much population growth in an area not geographically capable, due to the numerous long bridges needed to make transportation convenient, of financially sustaining itself. In other words: growth/development has not paid its own fucking way. So now the motherfuckers want us, regular working people who have to go to work in the fucking morning, to pay for what the rich could have been assessed development fees for in the first place. That is what I mean by inverted communism.

(Inverted communism, by the way, has become the dominant political philosophy of our time. Decades ago the advocates and beneficiaries of this robber philosophy were known as corporate welfare bums. A year ago they got a new name: 1%ers.)

I blame the assholes who brought us Expo 86 for this. Invite the world to Dope City, "It'll be fucking great!" they said. Most of us believed their huckster bullshit. Now suckers, you are getting the bill.

The bill will be more and more tolls which will lead to higher and higher tolls which in turn will lead to the further atomization of greater Dope City as we get stuck by affordability on one side of the Iron Curtains tolled bridges become. Eventually people will not be able to afford to visit their sick mother who lives across a bridge they cannot afford to be crossing all the time. Try feeding someone or changing their bandages via Skype. Thanks a lot Expo Ernie.

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motorcycleguy said...

with you on this...sad to see some of this city's own born and raised grow up to be big players in the "bring people in and have others pay for stuff to keep them happy" mantra