15 September 2012


This summer has been like the summer of '76 in England. Not so many fires though. Reckon that is because a lot less people smoke fucking cigarettes. Tossing them out their car windows like authouritarian depictions of fuck you Anarchists.

In '76 we could feel something was going to happen long before it did happen. The fuse was lit, the explosion inevitable. Could be, because I am an old motherfucker now, I have lost touch with the revolutionary underground, lost touch with the young artists, students and workers who do not give a fuck, who have nothing to lose.

There is desperation within the bloated ranks of the rich; desperation amongst the bloated ranks of the rest of us. Do not stand too close - the rich or the rest of us are ready to explode. 


Jonku said...

Last weekend I was headed south to pick up some mail, stopped at the Pacific border crossing.

The customs guy said, What happened in 1983?

I don't know, that was a long time ago. Maybe you have something on your screen there.

He said, did you get arrested?

So then I went inside the office and found out that they wanted to know all about me, and since some new 2012 cross-border sharing system they had something about me. I saw over his shoulder that the document was all blacked out, but still they bugged me. Was it narcotics? We just want to make sure you aren't inadmissable.

I ended up not crossing, they invited me to get court documents up here, go to the border and pay some $500 to get a "waiver."

Not going to do that.

Anyway, thinking about your post Beer. When they knock down your front door, how you gonna come?

It's been a while since I had a taste of the boot. I forgot that the best answer, as the Kaiser Chiefs song goes,

What is the golden rule? You say nothin'

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Border screws...