12 September 2012

Radio, eh?

This keeps happening over and over. I am drinking. There is music playing. I am listening. My ears are fucking excellent for an old sawmill worker. First it is Billy Idol, the motherfucking cunt, not his great old band Generation X, who I first saw when I was 17/18. Then it is Heart, Led Zep sweethearts of a high school dance I can barely remember. Why can't radio play me some DOfuckin'A?


RossK said...


'Cause those with ears still intact are no longer allowed anywhere near a commercial radio station.

Maybe that college out there by the 'Whack needs one.

A radio station, I mean.

Oh, hang on a second....


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

If I listen to one of those podcasts it will be the first such time I have done such a thing. I have been tuning in the local college station every once in a while for the past year. I have yet to luck into a show that held me for very long. For some reason (probably membership) co-op radio stations, like Dope City's, Nelson's and Knoxville's, seem to do radio best. CBC used to be pretty good but the latest round of funding cuts have turned it into a rotting corpse.