21 September 2012

A Dog of an Editorial

It is funny, you know, how time changes things. The Hammer, despite her great size, was real submissive for the first several years of her life. This confused the fuck out of a lot dogs. "You're big," they tried to tell her as she ran from them. "Where the fuck are you going? You be the boss."

The Hammer would not listen. She did not want any trouble. Let some other motherfucker be the boss dog.

Lately though, all the other dogs' messages seem to he have finally sunk in. Some other dog looks at her the wrong way she lets out a growl and a bit of body language that sounds and looks like it belongs in a mountain lion. The other dogs do not fuck with the Hammer. They still play with her and everything but they try to avoid sniffing her butt or acting like assholes.

The Hammer likes a little decorum in the fields. Much the same thing Christy Clark expects in Victoria. Good luck with that. Every capital city in the world is filled with fuckheads - the proper term for them is parasites. Damn few of them the further amd further we get from government.

She is a fucking bitch. The dog I mean. Everybody still wants to fuck Christy.


uniplmr1 said...

I got a new dog. We are banned already from the dog park, her for her behavior and me for mine. I go over there anyway but I don't go in. I let the dog work the fence, racing the hounds on the other side,in a pack of howling and uncontrollable dog frenzy she whips them up and the other owners screech and race around trying to calm down their non listening, having a fucking ball dogs. Of course, it's all my fault. They send the good looking blonde park ranger over to get everyone back on the straight and narrow. She likes my dog because who wouldn't? Dogs are anarchists on the natch

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Your new dog sounds like my first one. She loved nothing better than racing along fence lines stirring other dogs into a slobbering frenzy.