8 August 2012

You Will Not Read This Pipeline Editorial Anywhere But The Dope City Free Press

Fuck the world. Fuck the hippies. Fuck Rafe Mair. Fuck the environment. Fuck the Indians. Fuck Dix and his Commies. Fuck the French Commie in Ottawa and his friends too. Fuck Christie and her fucked up railroad selling friends. Fuck the seals. Fuck the clean up. Fuck windmills. Fuck tidal. Fuck solar. Fuck science and while we are at it fuck God just in case there are any fucking Christians against the building of the Enbridge pipeline.

Fuck the Spirit Bear up his berry shitting ass.

In fact, fuck everybody but the fucking Chinese and their fat red wallets.

We are going to build the motherfucker and all the profits are going straight up our fucking nose.

Fuck you.


Your driver said...

I had to pass this one along.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Cheers Jon. The editorial board is getting just a little nauseated by the PRBS Machine.