19 August 2012

To Fascist Rome With Love

Sonja and I had planned to hit the PNE to see Heart, who, sadly, last night found themselves entertaining the fair's aging beer nation. I would have liked to have seen the band that once played a high school dance of mine and headlined some very big shows, we both attended, on the grounds that surround Dope City's thoroughbred racing facility. Unfortunately for the accountants at the fair we could not find the energy to do so, having been drained by the week's heatwave and the considerable quantities of beer and other refreshments needed to survive it.

Instead we had a few drinks and dinner and later saw Woody Allen's "To Rome With Love." I liked it, even though the film is shot in a fascist country like ours. Far from a perfect Allen film, a mark he has hit many times previously, I liked the way it took aim at the absurd quality of life, providing much amusing dialogue as it did so. Sonja did not, she does not care for subtitles, though she admitted it was a funny picture.

Well worth the $35 dollars we spent on admission, popcorn and mixer.

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