3 August 2012

Meet Daisy Chainsaw

Random bullshit I will not today write more about than I should.

Do not drink pomegranate cider unless you like drinking wine vomit. (I am drinking the last of six of the Okanagan creations as I write this. And, yes, it has been brought to my attention that I have been drinking all sorts of things humans should shy away from since I placed one of my steel toed boots on the absinthe bandwagon.)

I lost track of popular underground music around '86 as vinyl recordings became more difficult to buy. From that point onward the only such artists I kept up with were Reed, Young, Shithead and Murray. So I missed out on Daisy Chainsaw whose first cd I did buy today for fifty cents. Mid-'90s noisy shit that turns out to be right up my alley. Annoyingly musical like the Velvet Underground's first record or two. (Then again I would probably go for any band with the word Chainsaw in their name.)

Horse racing up in Vernon on Sunday. Get the fuck up there. Best looking jockey colony on our fucked as shit planet. If the fields hold up it should be the best of the three days they have carded at Kin Park this year. Looks like first post is 1:30.

Bought a Velvet Underground bootleg last weekend - "Prominent Men." Internet tells me only 1200 copies were printed. It is made up of some demos they recorded in John Cale's bathroom before they cut their first record. If you think you might like some folky recordings of some of their early material and a couple things you may have never heard try and track one down. Best part of the whole thing comes at the end of side one when Reed shouts out, "This is fucking shit!"

When in Winners with Sonja recently I bought a copy of "The Road" for $5. Not as good as the book but well worth the sawbuck. The worst part of life, post-apocalypse, I did not get when I read McCarthy's brilliant novel. It is not the cannibalism. Fuck, I would eat dead babies if no other grub were available. It is the lack of music.

You can eat the dead but the motherfuckers make poor dance partners.

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