1 August 2012


Sonja and I have been living in Steepleton for a long time. Still not long enough to know the place as well as our home town but long enough to know whether or not we like it. I do but I do not need much more of a town than a liquor store and we have several of them. Sonja says she is not so keen on Steepleton as I but that is just to keep up appearances: women are never fucking happy.

Our house was built three decades ago. The trees and such that have been planted over the years by our neighbours and ourselves are finally starting to fill in the space left behind by the developer's bulldozers. This year the trees have finally filled in the space well enough to make the songbirds truly happy. There were more chicks born on our property than I could count. When the windows were open we could here the chicks squawking from all sides of the house for their bug dinners. See their parents, beaks stretched painfully wide, waiting for us to stop looking at them so they could feed their chicks without giving away the position of their nests.

The birds are happy which makes me happy as a man with his very own liquor store.

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