18 July 2012

Proud Canadian Highway

On the way home from Kin Park Sonja fell asleep. That is what happens when you stop drinking. I sipped my beer. I drink other shit besides beer most of the time now, cider mostly. I think I might be turning into a fucking woman.

In the car I stick with the beer. Been drinking beer and driving for nearly forty years and never been caught. Beer been very good to me.

Since Sonja was asleep I thought I might as well drive her car a little faster than usual since there was not much traffic on the highway. Been less traffic on the roads ever since the fucking government rolled out their newest set of laws meant to scare people from drinking and driving. People scare easy and they are drunk quite a lot so that means more room on the highway for me.

Got the car up to about 230 km. It felt good. Nothing feels better than driving more than twice the posted limit on a fucking near deserted Canadian highway. I have no youtube of this bit of law breaking to share with you and the RCMP. Just going to have to use your imagination.

Me, my beer, and the motherfucking proud to be a Canadian highway.


Anonymous said...

Hey Beer

Next time you are sipping and cruising pop in Judas Priest's "Heading to the Highway"
You may just push past the 230km mark!!!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I'll check the collection to see if I have that Priest song in the collection. Everything I have by them is on vinyl or cassette. Saw them in a club back in '76 or '77. Glover from Purple was in the audience banging his fucking head. Louder than motherfucking doom they were.

Anonymous said...

Album I have it on is Point of Entry (also vinyl) but I think it is on some of their live stuff too. Saw them in '79 Hell Bent for Leather tour and again in '08Remember very little of 79 but loud it was! Never saw Deep Purple but heard they were one of the loudest.
RIP J Lord you rock and roll motherfucker!