30 July 2012

On Compensation For Pipelining Raw Fossil Fuels Across British Columbia

Should British Columbia be compensated by the Big Bad Oil Motherfuckers of big bad motherfucking Alberta for passing their product through B. C. territory to market? The expectation that they ought to, should their pipeline proceed, is questionable in my view. This is hardly an area of my expertise but here is one reason why the idea does not make sense to me.

British Columbia ships a good deal of product by train (including the forest products that pass through my hands) to points east. Trains kill people. A lot of people. 25 people at level crossings in addition to 46 people trespassing (walking on the tracks, etc.) in addition to 42 serious injuries from both those categories combined in Canada alone last year. Should the rest of Canada be compensated because we have to ship our products into their markets? That is a lot of death and injuries to be paying for.

Nevermind the cancerous soot those trains choke people to death with or the many spills into rivers and other sensitive areas detrimental to the environment they cause.

Premier Clark (and any fuckhead who would agree with her) would say, "Fuck yeah!" if their philosophy on trade transit is consistent.


Anonymous said...

Since the U.S. bought the CNR. There have been, far too many derailments. The American safety standards are much lower, than Canada's. Tracks are not maintained, to prevent derailments. There have been many evacuations, because of dangerous commodity chemical spills. Can you imagine, a tanker train, spilling dirty, lethal, chemical laced Bitumen, into rivers, streams and land?

As for piping the dirty Bitumen across BC to Port Kitimat, that's brain dead. Enbridge hasn't cleaned up, their last 804 pipeline spills. BC is a province of mudslides with loss of life as we speak. Mudslides carry away homes and highways. There are avalanches, rockslides, earthquakes, forest fires, and swift flooded rivers, that carry away homes and highways too. How does Enbridge get through 15 feet on snow, to get to a pipe burst, in BC's vast wilderness?

Gordon Campbell and Harper have done enough dirty dastardly deeds, to BC and the people.

Harper, Enbridge, Premier Redford, Christy Clark, and Communist China, can all bugger off. The BC citizens owe them squat.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Rail lines are much like pipelines, aren't they? I was looking into the future, probably many generations from now, when uranium will make its way, one way or another but probably by rail, through Alberta to the east. Think we are going want to pay them (and Saskatchewan and Manitoba) on an ongoing basis just in case our product spills into a river and fucks it up? Hell no.