5 July 2012

Last Scream of the Missing Conservatives

Damned if the Hammer and I did not run across another (the same?) deer in the woods right near the house today. This time my favourite grazer I cannot bet money on spooked before we had walked straight into it, breaking a branch or two in its hurry to put some space between itself and the hunter and his dog.

We walked past where the noise had come from and back tracked to see if we could get a look at it. Crouching, as I have been taught to do when hunting in the woods, I spotted it at the same time the Hammer did. A doe. This time of year I expect she may have had a fawn with her but I did not see it.

The Hammer made her way towards it but I called her back. "Get back here you dumb shit." She always comes back to me when I call her in the woods. She knows there is all sorts of shit in the woods. Bad shit.

Back at home I opened a cider and put on the five latest used cds to join my cheapskate music collection. Black Sabbath's first, couple AC/DC oldies, a Mama and Papa's collection and DOA and Jello Biafra's "Last Scream of the Missing Neighbours." I had already played "Full Metal Jack Off" from the last one in the car on my way home. For my money the song is Dope City's very own "Heartbreak Hotel."

A motherfucking classic.

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