4 July 2012

Give Me Danger

Watching the female jockey get hurt competing in what would appear to have been just her second official race (the first having come two races previous on the same card) on the weekend has got me thinking about shit some people might prefer I not think about at all. I have been thinking about everything women do now that they did not do for the most part when I was a boy.

Like racing horses and directly participating in war. The dangerous field boys and men had to themselves until women started burning their bras and such until the men folk of the western world finally said, "Do whatever the fuck you want. See if I give a shit."

If it had been a man who had got hurt in that race I would not have given two fucks. Men are dumb as could be when it comes to danger. We drive without  seatbelts, fuck without rubbers, ride motorcycles without helmets, vote for the motherfucking Conservatives; on and on. We are so dumb we deserve our miserable fates.

Women, liberated now, are all for doing the same dangerous shit men have been doing since we first stepped out of our caves to search for beer. And they are getting hurt doing it. Getting hurt real bad.

It does not make me feel good. That is all.


paul said...

But not long ago, it would have hurt some strong little woman who knew she could ride better than most guys that they wouldn't let. It's trading one hurt imposed by someone else, for one that's your choice.
A good trade, I'd say.
Though I sure wish I could found somewhere who she's doing.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It's not the rightness and wrongness of the thing. It is the hurt in my gut. I've known women jocks to get hurt; known women to get hurt fighting a war. I just never saw the consequences of getting a bad ride so damn close up before and not long after I had seen the joy in her eyes after her first race. Freedom assumes risk - I have said that again and again but the words are just that for the moment - words, something my guts do not understand so well.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I can't find out how Kassie is doing either. News does not filter out of the interior circuit at the same speed it does from a big city track. Sometimes jockey spills do not turn out to be half as bad as they first looked so I am hopeful.