29 June 2012


The Hammer woke me this morning with her mighty, "WOOF!" I got up. She is not one for woofing in the middle of the night for no reason at all.

She was by the front window looking outside with the intensity of a fucking Conservative looking for a fucking Communist under his bed. I could not see shit but I kneeled down by my dog to see if what what she saw re-appeared.

Sure enough a kit raccoon, now sure my dog was inside, shyly came out from under my neighbour's broken down car. Then two more. The Hammer, quiet now, was, deep inside, incensed. Hates fucking raccoons, she does.

The three kits proceeded to climb a tree amd monkey around for a few minutes before making their way up the street to catch up with their unseen mom and dad.

I like having critters in the neighbourhood. It is the one thing the Hammer and I disagree on.


Bill said...

Nice vignette Beer.

That's as close to perfect harmony anyone and their dog can hope for. I am pretty sure the raccoons are happy with your stance on this.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The whole neighbourhood has its raccoon stories to tell. Raccoons, in spite of their occasional destructiveness, are pretty easy to get along with.